A Sultan’s Palace

CEF Dorian thru doorspacerCEF palace
photo by Dorian Keller

Fifteen minute’s drive out of Stone Town is a place called Bububu, named after the sound that the train whistles used to make as they passed through in a by gone era.

The old Sultan’s Palace is now the home of the Creative Education Foundation run by Judi Palmer and headmaster Dorian Keller www.cefzanzibar.com/

CEF fisherrmenspacerCEF fishermans huts
Our directions to get there were: take the mud road where they repair tyres, drive down the track trough lots of banana trees until you see the sea and look out for an old Zanzibarian door.
CEF Dorian large groupspacerCEF 2 girls & a boy
photo by Dorian Keller

Judi wanted a printmaking workshop to raise awareness of the school which is Steiner based.
CEF Dorian KellerspacerCEF printing break

CEF 2 girlsspacerCEF girl & hand print
Headmaster Dorian loves his work and is busy most days teaching a class of 8 year olds as
well as training a group of Zanzibarian teachers. Dorian is a talented photographer
and took some fabulous photos during the workshop.

CEF double leaf cardspacerCEF cartoon printspacerCEF face print
The workshop is for children and parents, they are a lovely creative group and the leaf cards were very popular. The palace gardens, called Salome’s Garden, run down to the sea and provide lots of plant material for our monoprinting workshop.

CEF in gardenspacerCEF bamboo
On our way home we buy Mangoes for the Hotel. Rebecca hunts for a special seller on the
roadside who’s mangoes are reputed to have the best flavor in Zanzibar.

buying mangosspacermangos in basketspacermango tree

Has the rainy season come early this year?

rainy season


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