Hello Everyone

Welcome to Christine’s Zanzibar blog.

2 days before we arrive in Panga Chumvi, Zanzibar.

I have been invited together with George Richards to the Panga Chumvi beach resort & eco hotel in Matemwa Zanzibar to be their first artists in residence.

The brief for the residence is to introduce people to sustainable printmaking techniques that have a dynamic impact, require no specialist equipment and could provide local people with an affordable way to continue after the residency is over.

The plan is to make a series of giant relief prints with a group of villagers and students from local schools working collectively to make the images.

plaster - cutting into plaster   plaster - drying the plaster

The Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-op [GPC] has been very supportive and at least 6 members gave up a day to help with experiments in plaster printing.
Thanks to Carolyn Watts for photos.

.plaster - burnishing back of paper   plaster - section of inked block

Calico inks have been great and Angel Brown came over from Cardiff to give some Calico releif inks to the project and talk me through making printing ink from scratch in Zanzibar
Just packing my ink rollers Mosquito proof trousers and snorkel. Will fill you in with some more pictures when we arrive Christine xx

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