Interesting guests at Panga Chumvi

We had only been here a few days and Richard and Kat arrived from the UK. They are travelling around west Africa making promotional videos for free to charities. They are called Kola Nut productions and made this lovely short video for Panga Chumvi including some footage of the print workshops.


Sandra from Namibia has come for a chill break from her work as a specialist cancer doctor. She is taking a years sabbatical while she presents her research on the links between stress & Cancer.


Paiut & Kristina are both nurses from Finland and are taking a break before they start work with a group of recovering drug addicts in Stonetown

Paivi & Kristiina at lunch

Several groups are working with the village women in Matemwa. Hashem has been here 20 years exporting sea weed that the women harvest. Having the extra income has made quiet a difference to facilities in the village. The seaweed produces carragreen jelly and gets used in Colgate toothpaste and many cosmetics. The women all say they are working for Colgate.

seaweed drying

Its been quiet a busy time with the print workshops. The first one was with a group of 20 women at the Tamani school in Matemwe village.

Tumaini School 1st print 2spacerTumaini School 1st print

The blocks I made for them had cement mixed in with the plaster of paris which is not ideal and gave a rough print. I am still searching the hardware stalls to find materials to add to the plaster to make it more resilient. Beth Jenkins from the UK has suggested PVA.

Tamani plaster  platesspacerTamani prints & plateTamani prints on tablespacerTamani henna image
I had a eureka moment when I spotted some wood glue on a stall so will mix that into the next batch of printing blocks.

clubber's workshop 1spacerclubber's workshop 3

This Wednesdays class in Panga Chumvi were all friends who had met at the Kendwa Rocks night club. They made some cool designs. Here is the group at work and DJ Antonio’s card inspired by his speaker system.

clubber's workshop 2DJ António's Speaker design

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2 Responses to Interesting guests at Panga Chumvi

  1. rachel says:

    it all looks like everyone is producing some really great stuff-wish I was there!

  2. Terry Millington says:

    Hi Christine and George,
    Looks like you’re having a wonderful time and the work being produced looks fantastic despite the various technical hiccups.
    Terry xx
    You will be pleased to hear that you are missing some of the worst weather on record, back here in UK.

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