Poster in Stroud
Sean Rowe DJ
Adam Horovitz poetry compare
Printing the streamers

R is for Revolution

Made in collaboration with artist Rachel Oram. Sept 2019 & March 2020.

'R is for Revolution' is an alphabet installation that combines giant printed collagraph letters with letterpress streamers printed by the general public.

Initially a question was posed to the town of Stroud Gloucestershire. 'What does Revolution mean to you personally?'

Books were placed around Stroud in shops, libraries, cafes, bars museums and colleges for a couple of months before the installation went up in Gallery 1 at The Museum In The Park, Stroud. Writing a response in the books proved quiet a challenge and informed lots of discussion & communication. The project was born out of political unrest people were keen to talk about Europe, peace, identity climate change and many more subjects that were shaping our society.

It seemed a special time in history. Art theorist, Shelly Campbell, delivered a series of inspired lectures on Art and revolution before and during the installation to inform the installation. The project grew to providing a platform for poetry and revolution with Adam Horovitz, Emily Barker, Dennis Gould and others. DJ sessions from 'Sound Records' with DJs Sean Rowe and Tom Berry. Artist DJ Ella Fantasia and more.

Poetry readings
Josie Felce on harp
The book in SVA Stroud