Panga Chumvi beach resort

Panga Chumvi is a tropical paradise with soft silver sands, a very warm sea protected by a coral reef. We have rooms looking out to the sea.


Rebecca Maguire one of the owners of Panga Chumvi who has set up the residency has been fantastic organizing meetings with co-op artists and schools who are keen to be part of the printing. Here are some pics of the women’s collective in Matemwa village who make some very lovely baskets and soaps.


The Dhow boats carved out of a single piece of wood are inspirational and look like winged wooden birds.


We have been off sourcing the plaster for printing. I managed to buy lime wash in a hardware stall thinking it was plaster of Paris

.PC workshop poster

I have been preparing for the workshops and making some sample cards printed by hand on the beach. Keeping the paper in one place is a bit of a problem.

The coconut palms that surround the beach are beautiful and I have doing lots of small lino prints inspired by the textures of the palm trunks .Apparently falling coconuts can be quiet a problem I can see why pith helmets took on.


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  1. The pictures of the women weaving baskets are great! Really colourful clothes and looks like a great social activity.

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