Refine, Restore & Rejoice (from gypsum bag)

young men of Matemwe lino cuttingspacerprinted cards

The first print classes with some hotel residents & friends went well. I brought some lino with me, so we used that as the plaster has been a bit tricky taking 5 to 6 days to slightly harden seemed too long. After a bit of help from a local builder we are off to buy some cement to add to the mix tomorrow.

gypsum plaster

The large trays I left out got walked upon by Bush babies [a small Zanzibar bear like animal] we have their foot prints in the unset plaster to prove it.

bushbaby prints

The first big print event takes place at a local school this Saturday, so a bit of pressure to get the plaster to work.

Matemwe palms

We have also had some invites from a Zanzibar artist group in Stone Town and a Steiner school for some workshops.

Watching the Dhow boats go out from the beach and the palm trees are very inspiring I have been quiet caught up with drawing the palms and taking pictures of the very shy crabs that only come out at night.


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One Response to Refine, Restore & Rejoice (from gypsum bag)

  1. Si Wharton says:

    Malik says: bush babies are funny, I’d like to see them crossing the plaster. I really like the beach.
    Habiba says: hello ! and both the place and the printing look lovely.
    Si says: really looking forward to seeing more of the printing you all do together. Once people have learned some new techniques, I’d love to see too what they do once they are independent of your classes

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